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A Stationary Wish List

A Stationary Wish List


So, it's #NationalStationaryWeek, and even though I agree there's far too many 'hashtag weeks' around, this is definitely one I can get behind.

I consider myself to be a bit of a stationary fiend, and have been so for a long time. One of the best bits from school would be picking out all your new bits and bobs from WHSmith (or if you were really luck - Paperchase!) ready for the new school year. I can remember one particularly jammy year where my sister got me a whole heap of stationary from Muji, and I was inspired to adopt a very minimal aesthetic with my little white mesh pencil tube. I can also remember the horror that was starting Form 5 when my friend had picked the exact same pencil case as me. Although - to be honest looking back this wasn't much of a surprise. We all shopped at exactly the same WHSmiths and back then they really only had about 5 options. I should have been surprised that it hadn't happened before then. 

The problem is that stationary is just so collectible, it's pretty, useful and doesn't take up too much space. Collecting it is also something we've been conditioned into from an early age - starting with scented gel pens and those little dinky erasers. (I would say rubbers, but we may end up with a few confused American readers.) Who am I to judge though? I love me a notebook, and there's something about a feathery pen, in fact give me a good stationary or book shop and I can get lost for hours. What isn't so happy though is my bank balance, it's tired of shelling out for notebooks that remain mostly blank, and stickers and washi tapes that are 'too nice' to actually use. That's why I've created a wishlist of things that I *would* buy, if I had the money. All these things would most definitely change my life and my desk, and make me 100% more productive and better at writing - if only I didn't need to buy food and petrol!

Maybe on a rainy day, eh!


Kate Spade Journal - £21.50 Long have I lusted after this journal! I adore the Oscar Wilde quote, and I love the look of the actual journal. It's looks heavy and full of purpose. However I can't justify spending 20 quid on a notebook when I have nothing to write in it, yet. I may cave this month however!

Ola Dark Grey Notebook with Gold Spine -  £10.90 I love this books spine. If I spotted it amongst the other books in a book store or library I would definitely want to pull it out and take a closer look. It has quite an art deco/theatrical feel to it and actually I think it would be one which would fit in quite well with my work (I work in theatre.) I think the spine would add a touch of class to whatever you writing in it too - even if it's just 'To Do' lists for the week!

Papio Press Arctic A6 Notebooks - £4.49 These little notebooks remind me of the jotters we used at school. These would be perfect to use as travel diaries, or for children to use as their 'nature notebooks'. When I was little I used to love going on adventures with my Dad that I would dutifully write up about after in my little jotter. I would draw a map of where we went, what wildlife we saw, what the weather was like (of course!) and descriptions and pictures of what we got up to. Every so often I'll find one lurking away somewhere and it's always lovely to see what the world was like through my 6 year old eyes. These are very reasonable, very pretty and also very easy to carry. A big thumbs up from me.

Hato Press Aki Notebook - £2.00 This notebook also has a sketchbook version, with a black spine. I love the bright bold print on this - certainly not one you would lose at the bottom of your bag! They're also a bit more 'green' on the inside too, consisting of offcuts, test prints etc from Hato Press. A nice way to use up all that leftover paper I think, especially if you're just looking for a 'do all' notebook.

Wrap Tropical Leaves Notebook and Wrap Toucan Notebook - £6.00 each. Both of these have colourful, eye catching and happy prints. I think they would look great in a flat lay!

Rifle Paper Co. Birds of A Feather Notebooks - £11.75 How could I do a stationary wish list without mentioning Rifle Paper Co? I remember being introduced to this brand in a tiny little stationary gift shop in New York by my elder sister many years ago. It's lovely to see how this brand has grown and grown, and it's distinct designs and aesthetic are now instantly recognisable. I particularly love the swans print on this collection.




Maison Martin Margiela Ostrich Feather Biro - £34.00 How ostentatious is this pen? It's incredibly fancy and I love it. Plus it's a BIRO! With this pen, anything you write would feel equivalent to Shakespeare, even if it's just taking telephone messages or signing the back of your debit card. 

Hay Ballograf Light Blue Pen - £17.00 What can I say other than I love the colour, and the whole banking feel to it. I imagine this would be particularly nice next to a guest book in a B&B, or at a wedding though. 

Let's Squawk Ball Pens - £2.50 - I'm including these as they seem to match perfectly with the above Wrap notebooks. Plus we need more colour in the world!

Coloured Cat Highlighters - £3.50 - I'm including these as I consider no stationary kit to be complete without animal highlighters. My preference is for cat ones, although my 7 year old niece disagrees and prefers pandas. Said niece could set up her own branch of Smiggles so perhaps I should respect her authority on the subject.



MT Gold Glitter & Gold Leaf Washi Tape - £2.90 each. Washi tape is incredible. It can be used for so many things, doesn't leave a mark and can simple be torn apart. I love this glittery gold design and the leaves design. Perfect for jazzing up any cards, sticking up pictures on your university walls (deposit back, guaranteed) or for just jazzing up a flat lay or some gift wrapping.

Katie Leamon Stationary Set - £15.00 I'll admit I'm rather partial to a bee design. I quite like bees as they were the symbol for my school, and they are also the symbol for Manchester. You can see them all through the city on bollards and bins etc and for my birthday last year I was very lucky enough to receive an Alex Monroe rose gold bee necklace from my Mum. I've actually been looking to get a nice wax seal stamp with a bee design - to go with this beautiful stationary! 

MT Bunting Flag Washi Tape - £2.00 Same tape make as before, but different shop. I'm going to be snapping up this tape myself, ready for some summery posts.

Rifle Paper Co Citrus Floral Tin Recipe Box - £30.00 I'm not much of a cook, but this tin has such a lovely pattern I might be tempted to jot down some recipes anyway.

Block Design Large Peg Board - £55 - I've seen some really cool photo backgrounds recently where pegboards have been used. There also pretty nifty storage solutions - look up Julia Child's kitchen!



Trianon Letters Calligraphy Set - £165 I'm cheating slightly by adding this perhaps, but hey, it's my wish list and I make the rules! This is something else that I've been lusting after for a while. I badly want to start writing letters and sealing them with wax seals! I know it's only April, but this set is already at the top of my Christmas list!

Nib + Ink Book - £9.09 Having got the book, met the lady herself and attended her book launch workshop at Habitat I can only urge you to go out and buy this book immediately, especially if you're interested in modern calligraphy. This is a very informative, and beautifully designed book and is a great place to start, or supplement your calligraphy practice. It will also look very stylish on your coffee table or bookcase.

Lamplighter London Calligraphy Kit - £50.00 A lovely starter calligraphy kit from Chiara Perano, who wrote Nib + Ink. You can also purchase a bundle which includes the book for £65.00

Quill London Baby Pink Ink - £3.90 I've been steadily building up quite a nice collection of coloured inks. i've got my eye on this one next! Quill London is an absolutely fantastic stationary shop, will all sorts of calligraphy goodies. They also host all sorts of different workshops, so far I've done their Beginners Modern Calligraphy, Beginners Brush Calligraphy and also their Digitise Your Calligraphy course which has been hugely helpful to my work. If you were wanting to try a course then I couldn't recommend Quill enough, I've got my eye on one of their Envelope workshops and Paper Flower workshops next!


I've only picked out a few of my very top choices - otherwise this post could just go on and on. However, I can feel my credit card twitching away in my purse already! 

Happy #NationalStationaryWeek folks, and please remember to not feel guilty for surrounding yourself with pretty things. Even Marie Kondo agrees that you should have things that 'spark joy!'

Tamsin x

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