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A Weekend Update

A Weekend Update


Well, I ended my last post promising to be better, and I have done...sorta.

I'll admit that some sugar did pass my lips this weekend - in the form of a mint aero mcflurry that I just couldn't resist. However that was it and so I feel really proud of myself as this is MUCH better then I usually am. Especially as I felt like an absolute sugar fiend this weekend - daydreaming of strawberry tarts, dairy milk bars and cream cakes. I even had a wander around Tesco and managed to avoid ALL sugary and processed food - obediently filling my trolley with the ingredients I needed for my #90DaySSSPlan recipes. 

A real bonus that I noticed this weekend though is not only am I cooking more but I'm also being a bit braver in the kitchen in many ways. It's not that I can't cook, its just that I often won't as I'm a bit scared of 'getting it wrong' and giving myself food poisoning. When Mum's around I also tend to let her takeover as I know she'll get things tastier then I ever will. I'm also a little bit particular about certain foods - I used to be a really really really picky eater when I was younger and so, although I am a lot better now, I can still be a bit reluctant to try new things. Couple this with the fact that I'm rather prone to reacting to different foods badly (not just stomach upsets but bad eczema and skin breakouts too) and it means I've turned into a bit of a nursery eater. I don't like having things too saucy, and I freak out at seasoning. Over the years i've kinda learnt how to do a few recipes okayish, so that they don't make me sick and then just eaten those in a rotation. However, as you can imagine, this is incredibly boring and I feel like everything I eat is now bland and tasteless. This year has gone a bit haywire for food - I've had a couple of bad bouts of gastric flu which has stopped me enjoying things I previously loved (like burgers) and I really went off what had previously been my diet staples - beef and poultry (I don't eat any fish or seafood - it makes me throw up instantly. My school friends can confirm this after a pretty nasty encounter with a fish burger in the school dining room...) I also developed something which I call 'Cashew Fear' where I used to get the taste of cashew nuts in my mouth for days and it stopped me from really tasting or enjoying anything. It sounds nuts (ha!) but it got to the point where I couldn't even think about a cashew nut without retching a little bit. I'm going to try and conquer this strange feeling this week though by attempting a 'Cashew Curry'. I do feel nervous, and a bucket will be on hand.

As you can probably see, I have a really strange relationship with food. I love food and I love eating, and I often do it when I'm bored or in need of some comfort (thus explaining the extra few stones) - however so many things make me sick that I'm also a little bit scared of it. Scared of cooking it myself and scared of trying anything new, or even trying new ways to cook my simple dishes. This is where the #90DaySSSPlan has really helped me - first and foremost it's got me cooking, but it's also got me cooking differently. It's got me seasoning things and trying new ingredients - and for the first time in months I feel like my food is flavourful. I'm really enjoying the meals so far and the people that I have cooked for seem really impressed by them (or so they say!)

I've only tried a handful of recipes so far but have found that, even if you haven't done the prep they're all super simple to put together (even for me!) Of course, if you have prepped properly then they're an absolute cinch and there's really no excuse to order a takeaway or stick a ready meal in the microwave when you can throw together a delicious, nutritious dish in a manner of minutes. I can see how this plan is a lifestyle changer and would definitely encourage anyone who's coming from a similar place as me to give it a try.

I've completed Week One of Cycle One so far and I'm feeling good. I'm not springing out of bed in the morning as other people claim just yet, but I definitely woke a lot earlier this weekend, even without an alarm  and felt energised. I also haven't lost more than a pound in weight yet- however I also haven't really stuck to plan due to my sugar binges last week and I've not exercised nearly as much as I should've done (I blame that on an exceptionally busy week at work- I was exhausted and still having to cook for myself and tidy the house, and manage a clingy puppy and a very poorly cat) However, really the weight loss doesn't matter so much to me - I'm happiest about the fact that I feel that I am managing myself a lot better. I feel confident that the plan will get me to my goal eventually, but right now I'm enjoying seeing myself make the necessary lifestyle changes I needed to make to help get me there. I think that's the biggest success so far - that I'm changing out my bad habits for good ones that will help me for the rest of my life, and I'm doing so happily and healthily. We all get the odd sugar & food cravings but I'm able to say no and I'm certainly not starving like in a rabbit food diet. My body is getting what it needs and I feel good, and I will lose the weight properly - at a rate where I can maintain the loss, not like on a starvation diet where you lost pounds quickly and then pile it all back on - and often with interest.

I definitely feel less pressure with this plan - I'm still eating things that I love (pancakes!) but I feel like I can take my weight loss at my own pace as I don't have any big events on the horizon that I feel pressured to look good for. Instead of concentrating on how many pounds lost that week and measuring my 'success' via that, I can focus on how I am feeling and the other benefits - feeling clearer-headed in the mornings and having better motivation at work, skin that is starting to clear up a bit and a lot more energy in the day. This is good, this is how it should be - even without weight loss (so far) I feel much more confident, happier, and nourished and I am so glad I decided to try this plan.

If you want to find out more about the #90DaySSSPlan and see some incredible transformations for yourself then visit The Body Coach or look for The Body Coach, and the hashtags #90DaySSSPlan #Leanin15 on Instagram and Twitter.

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