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Decorating the Tree

Decorating the Tree

I'm not sure what it was about this year, but I have been so eager to get our Christmas decorations up this year. In fact, all the boxes have already been dragged out of storage ready to go up, and I spent last weekend 'fluffing' up one of our Christmas trees so it was ready. If we didn't need to get new lights then I probably would have gone ahead and decorated it there and then, in November!

I think part of the blame falls onto the nature of my job, working in theatre means that from about August onwards I am mainly talking to customers about their pantomimes. We're discussing Cinderella carriages in July, and sorting out what beanstalk is going to whom in June. If you don't get organised early then once the pantomimes start in November it can quickly turn into a logistical nightmare - and thus by the start of October I am practically brimming over with Christmas Spirit.

Now there are good points to this- I get my Christmas shopping done and wrapped obscenely early, so there is never any last minute panic buying. However, the festive holiday period can start to feel like it becomes a real slog. It feels like it's never ending, and by the time January and February come around, when the last pantomimes are usually performed I can feel very very jaded with it all. Just in time to start dealing with all the early birds who want to get their pantomimes booked and sorted ready for next year!

As of now, I'm still feeling pretty festive so today was definitely the day to get our decorations up.

We used to have a larger house, and my Mum used to go overboard with several different trees through the house, all with different themes. The whole artificial vs real debate also never really affected us as we always had a combination of both - although if it came down to it I probably would say I'd go with artificial. Our cat always used to spray the real tree, and there was the hassle of the incessant pine needle shedding. Also- it seems rather needless to be growing and chopping down so many trees just for people to keep them in their house for under a month? I'd rather buy a one off artificial tree and keep the much needed forests growing. 

We no longer have the space in the house for our usual artificial tree, so it has moved onto bigger and better things and become a prop for Scrooge, A Christmas Carol and the Nutcracker. Last year we needed to get something smaller so we bought an alternative tree with a very a different look - a snow berry light up tree, and this year it will be joined by a rather groovy purple Paperchase tree, that used to live in my flat and has been rediscovered amongst our packing boxes. Obviously these two don't go together so we will be reviving out tradition of doing different themes in different rooms. Here they are:


This is more Mum's tree, so it is going to be much more stylish then my offering, which is usually just an explosion of colour and glitter (panto season!) In the living room she likes to keep the colours more neutral to go with our furniture,  and she accents the the frosted branches with icicles and snowflake decorations.

She also has small fruits which she hangs on the branches, creating a more natural, pretty arrangement. 


I did warn you that it was an explosion of colour! When it comes to my glitsy purple tree then the rule is always more is more. More lights, more tinsel and more colour than it can handle, although I try to keep the palette focused around the jewel tones so it doesn't clash too badly. Of course, we don't buy new decorations and do different themes every year, however we certainly arrange them different and add a few more carefully chosen pieces as each year passes.

We've actually got boxes and boxes of different decorations in a collection that we've built up over the years, some of which are really very special and bring back wonderful memories of past Christmas' when I carefully unwrap them. Perhaps I'll do a blog post about some of our most meaningful decorations, and the stories behind them. For this post though we are focusing on the two themes we've chosen for this year - I love all the bird decorations on this tree, and I'm especially fond of my golden parrot topper. Christmas trees don't always have to be so christmassy, I rather like the tropical, colourful nature of this one and I think it'll look awesome when it's got all our neon wrapped presents underneath it. Maybe with all this colour I didn't really need to get lights in the first place?

I hope you like our trees, and I'd love to see how you decorated your own. Send me some pictures on social media and pop a link in the comment box below! Being theatrical we obviously don't just stop the decorations at our trees, I will be revealing what the rest of our house looks like in another post later on, so stay tuned!

See you tomorrow!

Tamsin x

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