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Finding My Feet in 2016

Finding My Feet in 2016

So, as you can gather from the time that has passed between my last post and now, I've been a little bit busy and a little bit disorganised on the blog front. Now that we are in January I hate to mention the 'C word', but due to the nature of my job Christmas and the months leading up to it are always an exceptionally busy time for me and I've been a bit bogged down with it all. When you spend all day looking and typing at a computer screen the last thing you want to do when you finally get home is...looking and typing at a computer screen.

Luckily, we have well and truly reached the New Year (in fact, we're pretty much halfway though the month!) and what time of year signals more fresh starts than at the start of a new year! I thought i'd sit down and try and write down what a few of my aims for this year are...so here goes!



I've been rather good and organised this year and purchased a lovely Kate Spade year planner, which I've so far kept up regularly updating and writing in. One of my aims is definitely to blog more and find my voice as I really enjoy writing as a creative outlet - it's just making myself sit down to write thats the problem! So far I've definitely enjoyed journaling and making the effort to record what I've done each day. I try to do this every night before I go to bed and it's starting to become part of my night time 'wind down' routine. I like to get away from the screens and let my brain shut down properly so I plug in my phone, set my Lumie Bodyclock's sunset mode, wash my face & apply my nighttime oils & potions and then either write in my planner or read a few pages of an actual proper book, NOT one on a screen! I've found sticking to this routine really helps my sleep - and I've really noticed the difference in how I feel in the morning if I've chosen to stay up late on the internet, or even listening to music on Spotify.

Better planning & organisation is also something that I'm also going to try and work on - I am such a scatterbrain and live my life with a constant feeling that i've forgotten to do something. I think I increase my stress levels by 1000% at work as I'm always worried that I've forgotten to reply or have missed an email and am going to suddenly get a furious call from a customer that I've let down. Luckily it hasn't happened so far (although i've had some near misses!) but I'm going to try and significantly reduce the chances of a terrible event like that happening by properly organising my desk and my email. I've had some bookshelves put up (flanked by some pretty pink princess towers! We're running out of storage space downstairs in workshop) so there really is no excuse.

This need to organise and tidy has dripped into my home life also - I recently read Marie Kondo's book 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying', and for something that I had originally dismissed as 'so boring, why would I read that' I actually couldn't put it down! I've totally sorted out my wardrobe and drawers and donated bags of old clothes to charity, as well as just straight up chucking out heaps of rubbish (paperwork, amirite?) I'm going to start working my way through all our other bits and bobs as well as I now can not stand the feeling of being cluttered or holding onto all these unnecessary items.  I've always found it so difficult to chuck away things, especially things that remind me of my Dad, but I love the KonMari Method of asking yourself if something sparks joy. It's meant that I've been able to clear out a lot of rubbish that i was hanging on to unnecessarily and also keep the pieces that I find extra special, without guilt. Marie Kondu is right - you can appreciate these special things all the more when they are not surrounded by so much additional clutter. I think the real life changing magic of tidying is that it also allows you to tidy up any emotional baggage you might be holding onto alongside the actual baggage. After reading this book I was able to realise that I needed to ask myself why am I hanging onto my teenage wardrobe when I am now a 20 something woman? Whereas before I felt guilt over items i'd bought and now didn't wear, I realise now that they have served their purpose, my style has changed, and it's ok to let them go. Of course - its always alright to keep back a few pieces for the memories, but for me it's all bits that just spark joy rather than sadness. 



My biggest goal for this year is of course to do with health and fitness - but I think i'll have to write a whole new blog post for that! For now, let's just say that I have so far managed to successfully stick to my goals and I've been running a lot more regularly and for longer. I had a really great 8km run this week that gave me a huge confidence boost, and I'm looking forward to lining up for the London Winter Run in aid of Cancer Research at the end of this month (only two weeks -eek! Please sponsor me) I even had a really positive dream about running it last night where for a while I've been having really anxious thoughts surrounding it! 

Anyway, this was really meant to be just a post about touching base - I think i'll write a proper planned one about my goals for this year and specific challenges I've set myself. Let's just say I'm still 'finding my feet' - but that I'm really excited for what the new year has to offer!

Tamsin x

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