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An Origami Advent Calendar

An Origami Advent Calendar


Merry #Blogmas, and welcome to my first ever #Blogmas post!

Can you believe how fast this year has gone? I certainly can't, I feel like i'm still getting to grips with the goals I set last January. However I've certainly tried to be much more creative this year, and I've definitely managed to pinpoint quite a few hobbies that I've enjoyed spending time doing this year.

One of my more recent hobbies has been the practicing the art of origami.

It started a few months ago, when I had an idea of putting together small origami toppers to decorate my wrapped Christmas presents this year. Of course I had never folded anything before (except clothing, thank you retail for plenty of practice in that) but fate seemed to be on my side when the lady at my favourite shop Marehalm showed me some lovely origami sets from that she thought that I'd like. They were from Ola Studio and Coco Sato and were a handy introductory pack, which showed you how to do a few simple folds to make two different styles of decoration, and included all the necessary materials you would need to make several pieces in different colours.

I loved the simple, mindful practice of origami, and I loved the look of the decorations that I made. My young niece was due to visit & we thought it would be a wonderful craft to do together, however like a teacher I had to 'prepare the lesson'. Over that week I ended up folding well over a hundred sheets of paper into individual sonobes, but it was worth it in the end as we spent a lovely afternoon putting the pieces together to create pyramids and balls. She went home with a bag full of brightly coloured origami pieces, ready to show them off to her friends, and I was left feeling like I could probably fold a sonobe and put together a pyramid blindfolded.

During the crafting afternoon we started to discuss what kind of objects you could hide in the centre of them,  and I had the idea to create an origami advent calendar. I had been seeing lots of lovely homemade advent calendar ideas on Pinterest in the lead up to Christmas and thought it would be a lovely project to try. Plus my boyfriend has recently gone back to University to study Forestry, and I thought if I hung the origami packets along a branch, salvaged from the local woods, it would be a nice way to decorate the room as it would add a touch of colour, as well as bring a bit of nature inside. Overall, I am so pleased with how it all turned out - James liked the surprise (especially when he found out there was chocolate inside) and my Mum was very taken with it. As you can see from the photos it fit in very well in our sunroom and she was sad to see it go, however he's promised to be careful opening up the pyramids so hopefully we shall see it return to us!

If you would like to make your own, then please go over to Coco Sato's page to watch her tutorial on how to make the geometric shapes. Their tutorials really couldn't be easier to follow, and if you purchase one of their kits it comes with the loveliest paper. A ribbon is included in the kits also, however for this project I used a thick garden twine like this to secure the decorations, as they make a thicker knot and are a bit sturdier, so as to support the additional weight of the chocolates. Ribbons, especially velvet ribbons would look really lovely if you wanted to go for a more fancier finish however. To finish off I just popped wrapped chocolates from tins like Celebrations and Heroes inside, before making the final fold and tuck. 

For this project I used this paper, which has a selection of lovely, bright colours and folded very well. However if you were looking for patterned, more upmarket paper then I suggest you also have a look at Origami Est for a lovely paper selection. She also has a wonderful book available to purchase in her shop, with tons of fantastic projects. I'm definitely going to keep up the practice and I'm going to try and see if I can make her star next - I think it would look rather lovely on top of our tree! I've also got my eye on her paper packs.

I'd love to hear what you think, perhaps you did something similar this year, or you've wanted to try your hand at origami. Drop me a comment below or reach out on social media, I'd love to hear from you!

For now, Happy Blogmas - make sure you check back tomorrow for my next post!

Tamsin x

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