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Slightly Special Stocking Fillers

Slightly Special Stocking Fillers

Now, most of us have that one friend or relative who is a bit more difficult to buy for - not because you don't know what they would want, but because they have a slightly more expensive taste.

This is my whole family.

All of them, including me it has to be said, definitely lust after the finer things in life and so Christmas can quickly get very very expensive. The expense of things is a reason why I am so organised when it comes to Christmas - i'll admit that I can start my shopping around April (don't shoot me) as I like to  budget and spread the cost through the year. However if I do happen to see the perfect present for a family member, no matter what time of the year it is then I tend to snap it up there and then. It is a rather nice feeling knowing that I have a drawer full of gifts that I know will be a hit, rather than having to stress about what gift to possibly get that would be loved, and/or useful.

I'm not one to give something that will just do, I like to pick out special gifts that I know that person will appreciate and use, rather than just gathering dust on a shelf. I hate feeling like I'm surrounded by 'things' and so I also don't want to just give 'stuff'. I want to find the perfect presents for that person, and preferably something a bit more unique.

The problem is, that's all fair enough if you're buying a main present, but what if you're also putting together a stocking? How do you find special gifts that won't break the bank (too much!) and will also be small enough to constitute as stocking fillers? Ah... luckily, I have a few years of practice for sourcing the right gifts for difficult recipients. In fact, I've even developed a bit of a reputation for being a Gift Buyer Extraordinaire. So much so that during coffee time last week my Mum even remarked to our colleagues (and I'm going to put this in a proper quotation)

I’ve never had Christmas so good as when Tamsin started doing the present buying”
— Kate, Mum of Tamsin 01/12/16


So here's my list of stocking filler suggestions that hit this criteria - in fact, i've bought rather a lot of this as presents for my own family already, hence the recommendation. I hope you like it, I'd like to think that you're in safe hands as I have a reputation to uphold! Certainly if I can impress my rather fussy Mum, then I like to think that I'm on the right track.


Neom Sleep Kit - I've given so many of these packs as presents over the years. A pillow mist feels like such a wonderful indulgence, and makes bedtime feel like a special ritual. This pack comes complete with a body oil and a treatment, all infused with the deeply relaxing scent of English Lavender to help you drift off. I often sneak into my Mum's room and steal her spray to spritz my own pillow before she heads to bed. Maybe I'll find my own bottle in my stocking this year? 

Holistic Silk Sleep Mask - I did say this list was a bit more indulgent! I'm lucky to live in a rural area and I don't have to worry about whether my room is dark or quiet enough for a good night's sleep. The majority of people don't though, so if you have any city dwellers in mind who struggle to get a deep sleep then I would suggest gifting them a mask to help combat any shining street lamps. An added plus is if you like to travel then a good sleep mask is definitely a necessity, I don't think I would manage a long haul flight without one. Even if you don't want to sleep, a mask and headphones is the international signal for 'do not disturb'.

Silke London Hair Wrap - Recently I have seen countless articles touting the benefits of wrapping your hair at night, most of them saying that it can help reduce damage and static and increase the life of your blow dry. Now I can't comment on these claims myself however maybe in a few weeks my Mum can, as she'll be finding one in her stocking come Christmas Day! As an older woman, who also has an under active thyroid she has started to notice hair loss and that her hair feels weaker, so I'm hoping this will make a difference by reducing friction with her pillow. At the very least she will look very glamorous in the evenings! 

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Charms - There are now two sets to choose from, so it's a toss up between Charlotte's K.I.S.S.I.N.G collection or her Matte Revolution favourites. I think this is a really cute little gift that any makeup lover would appreciate

Soigne Nail Tools - Not only is a nail kit handy. but this one is a beauty. Soigne also produce beautiful nail polishes too, with a huge catalogue of colours. I've been wearing Soigne exclusively for over a year now and think they are vastly superior to brands such as Nails Inc. The colours are rich, with nice coverage and the packaging is very stylish. A very nice stocking filler option.

Aesop Post Poo Drops - Bear with me on this, this is a wonderful must have product. It smells amazing, and is much nicer to use than an air freshener spray. Seriously, don't knock it till you've tried it. It'll also provide a good laugh on Christmas Day, but only buy it for someone who can take a joke..!


Bath Pillow - Something not everyone might think to buy, but would appreciate nonetheless. Help your special someone upgrade bath time with this pillow. 

Black & Blum Water Bottle - Not everyone sips water consistently through the day, give a water bottle to help your friend take up the habit. This one is much more eco friendly then using a plastic bottle, and it uses charcoal to filter the water, meaning that you can save on expensive bottled water by just filling it from the tap. 

Cashmere Socks - An easy luxury. Just slipping on a pair of cashmere socks before bed, after a bath or after a long day can lift your mood and feel like a casual indulgence. Any friend would appreciate the gift of a pair of ultra soft, warm socks like these.

Ojbro Swedish Socks - Slightly less sock, but still very toasty. The only things that have kept my feet warm this winter. A nice touch is that all the different designs are inspired by something different, they have a lovely traditional look and feel. 

Skandinavisk Vinter Candle Gift Set - Can't decide on one candle? Then give them a gift set of three, and a large dose of Scandi cool to boot. You can read all about my love of Skandinavisk in my previous blog here


Dog Paper Clips - Just too cute. A necessity for stationary and dog lovers alike.

Fountain Pen - I love biros, but it's extra nice to write with a posh pen. Your handwriting improves by 100% guaranteed..! This mint colour is absolutely gorgeous.

Kate Spade 2017 Diary - Get their year off to a good start with a beautiful organiser! Perfect to plan fun activities to do together. 

Log Cabin Burner  - A very cute little incense burner. Anyone can have their very own log cabin, these ones just happen to be in miniature. 


Seedballs - An usual, but really cool gift. You can scatter these in your garden and grow different wildflowers and bee friendly flowers. This would be a particularly nice gift for a child to help them develop an interest in gardening and the great outdoors, as they can watch how the garden develops from seed to plant and play an active part in it's growth. Much better than Sea Monsters. 

Sipsmith Mince Pie Gin - the perfect gift for someone who has everything, and any gin lovers! I've actually purchased this as a gift this year, but I'm seriously considering whether to keep it for myself as I'd like to see for myself what mince pie gin is like! Comes in a beautiful presentation box that you'd want to keep ahold of, if you're anything like me.


A beautiful book - every stocking requires at least one book, and that's preferably a classic or a favourite with a beautiful cover. I give rather a lot of books every year, often ones that I want to read myself. This is a bit of a naughty move as it means I can borrow them when they're done!

So, those are a few of my ideas for a more luxury stocking - of course plenty of room must also be left for oranges, both real and those of the Terry's Chocolate variety! After all, a stocking just isn't complete until it has a some tangerines and a bag of chocolate coins tucked in at the bottom.

As always, let me know what you think - perhaps you've already tried some of the items on this list? Let me know by leaving a comment below or getting in touch via social media. I'm already really excited about seeing my Mum open up her stocking this year - hopefully I retain my crown for best present giver!

See you tomorrow,

Tamsin x

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